18/12/2016: All RM12 cotact lens revised to RM15

29/11/2016: Promotion Buy 2 free 1

(Free lens: Crystal, Dreamy, POP.C Light, POP.C Dark, Mx21, KiraKira, Celeb Nudy, Ariale, BarbieDoll400, Bodone, Candarae, Georgiae, Lathae, and Lucidae)

Deadline: 1/1/2017

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CKTY Enterprise

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the latest agent price

现货:Nudy Pink 0-850度现货 Rm25
现货:Dreamy Pink 0-850度现货 Rm25
现货:MX Pink 0度现货 Rm25

现货:Princess Nudy Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Princess Nudy Brown 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Princess Nudy Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Princess Nudy Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Princess Nudy Green 0-1000度现货 Rm15

现货:Dueba Dolly Black(MX21 Black 14.5mm) 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Dreamy.i Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Dreamy.i Hazel 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Dreamy.i Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Dreamy.i Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Dreamy.i Green 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Crystal.i Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Crystal.i Hazel 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Crystal.i Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Crystal.i Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Crystal.i Green 0-1000度现货 Rm15

Pop.c 系列 (NEW ARRIVAL)
现货:Pop.c Light Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Light Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Light Brown0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Light Green 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Light Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Dark Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c DarkGrey 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Dark Brown0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Dark Green 0-1000度现货 Rm15
现货:Pop.c Dark Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm15

Dizoneye 系列
现货:14.5mm Dizoneye Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.5mm Dizoneye Hazel 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.5mm Dizoneye Aqua 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.5mm Dizoneye Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.5mm Dizoneye Green 0-1000度现货 Rm25

Dollyeye 系列
现货:14.2mm Dollyeye Grey 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.2mm Dollyeye Brown 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.2mm Dollyeye Green 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.2mm Dollyeye Violet 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.2mm Dollyeye Blue 0-1000度现货 Rm25
现货:14.2mm Hyper Black no.2 0-1000度现货 Rm20
现货:14.2mm Hyper Circle Brown 0-1000度现货 Rm20
现货:14.2mm Hyper Circle Black no.1 0-1000度现货 Rm20


现货:GEO Angel Violet 0度现货 Rm12

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