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29/11/2016: Promotion Buy 2 free 1

(Free lens: Crystal, Dreamy, POP.C Light, POP.C Dark, Mx21, KiraKira, Celeb Nudy, Ariale, BarbieDoll400, Bodone, Candarae, Georgiae, Lathae, and Lucidae)

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CKTY Enterprise

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Agent Rules


Weekend we are not working, so the orders which had been submited on Friday's noon/nigth and weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be posted on Monday.

Agents, before submit the order please must check the "Out of Stock Table".

Agents, all the power must follow below:
0, 100, 125, 150, 175,
200, 225, 250, 275,
300, 325, 350, 375,
400, 425, 450, 475,
500, 550, 600, 650,
700, 750, 800, 850,
900, 950, 1000

WEST MALAYSIA: 1st 500gm RM6, add RM2/500gm
EAST MALAYSIA(Sabah/Sarawak):1st 500gm RM8,
add RM2/500gm (500gm=5pair)

1-5 pairs ----------> rm6
6-10 pairs ---------->  rm6+2=8
11-15 pairs ---------->  rm6+4=10
16-20 pairs ----------> rm6+6=12
21-25 pairs ---------->  rm6+8=14
26-30 pairs ---------->  rm6+10=16
31-35 pairs ---------->  rm6+12=18
36-40 pairs ---------->  rm6+14=20
41-45 pairs ---------->  rm6+16=22
46-50 pairs ---------->  rm6+18=24
51-55 pairs ---------->  rm6+20=26
56-60 pairs ---------->  rm6+22=28

EAST MALAYSIA(Sabah/Sarawak)
1-5 pairs ----------> rm8
6-10 pairs ---------->  rm6+2=10
11-15 pairs ---------->  rm6+4=12
16-20 pairs ----------> rm6+6=14
21-25 pairs ---------->  rm6+8=16
26-30 pairs ---------->  rm6+10=18
31-35 pairs ---------->  rm6+12=20
36-40 pairs ---------->  rm6+14=22
41-45 pairs ---------->  rm6+16=24
46-50 pairs ---------->  rm6+18=26
51-55 pairs ---------->  rm6+20=28
56-60 pairs ---------->  rm6+22=30

Please follow below format to submit order

Name :
Contact number:
Delivery method:
How many pair:
Total + Shipping:

Please copy and paste me the Transaction History.
The "Recipient email:" must fill up my email address

Name : Norhaslin'na bt Abu Bakar
Contact number:013-2233340
Address:147, Persiaran TKP,
Taman Kantan Permai,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Delivery method: Pos Express
How many pair: 1
1. Sugar Candy 375/375 1 pair
Total + Shipping: RM28

Amount: RM28.00 Status: Successful
Reference number: 1442261930
Transaction date: 11 Nov 2010
Transaction time: 10:07:20
From Account: 162197330740 WSA

To Favourite 3rd Party Account: 514141633608 NG CHI KIONG
Account Holder Name: NG CHI KIONG
Recipient email:
Effective date: Today
Description of transaction: order-Norhaslin'na bt Abu Bakar


Agents Steps:

1. Customer orders with you

2. Firstly, You have to check the Out of Stock Table from my blog.
If got stock then you has only received order and make payment.
If out of stock, then ask customer change to other lens.

Out of Stock Table please check at here

3. After make sure customer's payment and order, then you can transfer money to me, and email me customer name, phone, address, and order list.

Please copy and paste me the Transaction History.
The "Recipient email:" must fill up my email address

4. After i confirm your transaction, the order will be sent by the next day.
Tracking number will be updated on my blog in the evening (after 6pm).

5. Tracking number can check from my blog "Tracking Number".

6. If your order is out of stock, I will indicate at the bottom of page at "Tracking Number".

7. If you are out of stock, please request the refund from me.

8. Please feel free to pay attention to my blog's Out of Stock Tables and Notices. Notices will be posted at left side of my blog.

9. Items were straightly not returnable/exchangeable once the CAP of bottle was opened.

10. Items which damage or stained or losing during postal period was not returnable/exchangeable.