18/12/2016: All RM12 cotact lens revised to RM15

29/11/2016: Promotion Buy 2 free 1

(Free lens: Crystal, Dreamy, POP.C Light, POP.C Dark, Mx21, KiraKira, Celeb Nudy, Ariale, BarbieDoll400, Bodone, Candarae, Georgiae, Lathae, and Lucidae)

Deadline: 1/1/2017

All the payment please bank into Maybank account:


CKTY Enterprise

Sunday, November 28, 2010

If purchase 100 pairs then we will special free 30 pairs lens.


Agent Price

TheDollyEye Bling13 14.8mm (New Arrival)
Bling13 Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Bling13 Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Bling13 Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Bling13 Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Bling13 Green 0-1000 Rm15
Bling13 Pink 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Crayon217 14.8mm (New Arrival)
Crayon217 Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Crayon217 Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Crayon217 Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Crayon217 Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Crayon217 Green 0-1000 Rm15
Crayon217 Pink 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye BT15 14.8mm (New Arrival)
BT15 Grey 0-1000 Rm15
BT15 Brown 0-1000 Rm15
BT15 Blue 0-1000 Rm15
BT15 Violet 0-1000 Rm15
BT15 Green 0-1000 Rm15
BT15 Pink 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Rosy Rosa 14.8mm (New Arrival)
Rosy Rosa Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Rosy Rosa Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Rosy Rosa Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Rosy Rosa Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Rosy Rosa Green 0-1000 Rm15
Rosy Rosa Pink 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Ariale 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Ariale Black 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Grey 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Brown 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Blue 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Violet 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Green 0-1000 Rm10
Ariale Pink 0-1000 Rm10

TheDollyEye Bodone 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Bodone Black 0-1000 Rm15 

TheDollyEye Candarae 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Candarae Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Candarae Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Candarae Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Candarae Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Candarae Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Georgiae 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Georgiae Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Georgiae Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Georgiae Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Georgiae Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Georgiae Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Lathae 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Lathae Grey 0-1000 Rm10
Lathae Brown 0-1000 Rm10
Lathae Blue 0-1000 Rm10
Lathae Violet 0-1000 Rm10
Lathae Green 0-1000 Rm10

TheDollyEye Lucidae 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Lucidae Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Lucidae Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Lucidae Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Lucidae Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Lucidae Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Segoi-Pearl Prime 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Segoi-Pearl Prime Grey 0-1000 Rm25
Segoi-Pearl Prime Brown 0-1000 Rm25
Segoi-Pearl Prime Blue 0-1000 Rm25
Segoi-Pearl Prime Violet 0-1000 Rm25
Segoi-Pearl Prime Green 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye Dahomy-Pearl Prime 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Grey 0-1000 Rm25
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Brown 0-1000 Rm25
( Blue color is not available )
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Violet 0-1000 Rm25
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Green 0-1000 Rm25
Dahomy-Pearl Prime Pink 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye Furfur-Pearl Prime 14.5mm (New Arrival)
Furfur-Pearl Prime Silver 0-1000 Rm25
Furfur-Pearl Prime Gold 0-1000 Rm25
Furfur-Pearl Prime Blue 0-1000 Rm25
Furfur-Pearl Prime Violet 0-1000 Rm25
Furfur-Pearl Prime Green 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye BarbieDoll400 14.5mm
BarbieDoll400 Grey 0-1000 Rm15
BarbieDoll400 Brown 0-1000 Rm15
BarbieDoll400 Blue 0-1000 Rm15
BarbieDoll400 Violet 0-1000 Rm15
BarbieDoll400 Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Fairylens 14.8mm
Fairylens Pink 0-1000 Rm15
Fairylens Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Fairylens Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Fairylens Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Fairylens Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Fairylens Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Bubble Lens 14.8mm
Bubble Pink 0-1000 Rm25
Bubble Grey 0-1000 Rm25
Bubble Brown 0-1000 Rm25
Bubble Blue 0-1000 Rm25
Bubble Violet 0-1000 Rm25
Bubble Green 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye Flower Lens 14.5mm
Flower Pink 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye Natural 3tones 14.0mm
Natural 3tones Pink 0-1000 Rm15
Natural 3tones Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Natural 3tones Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Natural 3tones Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Natural 3tones Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Natural 3tones Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Blytheye 14.0mm 
Blytheye Pink 0-1000 Rm15
Blytheye Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Blytheye Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Blytheye Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Blytheye Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Blytheye Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Gothic 14.5mm 
Gothic Grey 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Brown 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Honey 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Hazel 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Blue 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Sapphire 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Violet 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Green 0-1000 Rm25
Gothic Turquoise 0-1000 Rm25

TheDollyEye Ace Black
Ace Black 0-1000 RM15

TheDollyEye MX21 Black
MX21 Black  0-1000 Rm10
MX Pink 0 Power Rm15 

TheDollyEye Puffy 3tones 
Puffy 3tones Pink 0-1000 Rm15
Puffy 3tones Grey 0-1000 Rm15
Puffy 3tones Brown 0-1000 Rm15
Puffy 3tones Blue 0-1000 Rm15
Puffy 3tones Violet 0-1000 Rm15
Puffy 3tones Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye SugarCandy   
SugarCandy Pink 0-1000 Rm15
SugarCandy Grey 0-1000 Rm15
SugarCandy Brown 0-1000 Rm15
SugarCandy Blue 0-1000 Rm15
SugarCandy Violet 0-1000 Rm15
SugarCandy Green 0-1000 Rm15

TheDollyEye Celeb Nudy   
Celeb Nudy Pink 0-1000 Rm10
Celeb Nudy Grey 0-1000 Rm10
Celeb Nudy Brown 0-1000 Rm10
Celeb Nudy Blue 0-1000 Rm10
Celeb Nudy Violet 0-1000 Rm10
Celeb Nudy Green 0-1000 Rm10

TheDollyEye Kira-kira 16.0mm
Kira-kira Pink 0-1000 Rm10
Kira-kira Grey 0-1000 Rm10
Kira-kira Brown 0-1000 Rm10
Kira-kira Blue 0-1000 Rm10
Kira-kira Violet 0-1000 Rm10
Kira-kira Green 0-1000 Rm10

Princess Nudy Pink 0-1000 Power Rm15
Princess Nudy Grey 0-1000 Power Rm15
Princess Nudy Brown 0-1000 Power Rm15
Princess Nudy Blue 0-1000 Power Rm15
Princess Nudy Violet 0-1000 Power Rm15
Princess Nudy Green 0-1000 Power Rm15

TheDollyEye Dreamy i
Dreamy.i Grey 0-1000 Power Rm10
Dreamy.i Hazel 0-1000 Power Rm10
Dreamy.i Blue 0-1000 Power Rm10
Dreamy.i Violet 0-1000 Power Rm10
Dreamy.i Green 0-1000 Power Rm10
Dreamy Pink 0-850 Power Rm10

TheDollyEye Crystal i
Crystal.i Grey 0-1000 Power Rm10
Crystal.i Hazel 0-1000 Power Rm10
Crystal.i Blue 0-1000 Power Rm10
Crystal.i Violet 0-1000 Power Rm10
Crystal.i Green 0-1000 Power Rm10
Crystal.i Pink 0-1000 Power Rm10

TheDollyEye Pop.C
Pop.c Light Blue 0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Light Grey 0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Light Brown0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Light Green 0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Light Violet 0-1000 Power Rm10

Pop.c Dark Grey 0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Dark Brown0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Dark Blue 0-1000 Power Rm10 
Pop.c Dark Violet 0-1000 Power Rm10
Pop.c Dark Green 0-1000 Power Rm10

TheDollyEye Dizon Eye
14.5mm Dizoneye Grey 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.5mm Dizoneye Hazel 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.5mm Dizoneye Aqua 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.5mm Dizoneye Violet 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.5mm Dizoneye Green 0-1000 Power Rm15

TheDollyEye Dollyeye
14.2mm Dollyeye Pink 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Dollyeye Grey 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Dollyeye Brown 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Dollyeye Green 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Dollyeye Violet 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Dollyeye Blue 0-1000 Power Rm25
14.2mm Hyper Black no.2 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.2mm Hyper Circle Brown 0-1000 Power Rm15
14.2mm Hyper Circle Black no.1 0-1000 Power Rm15